Rosetta and Philae, expect the unexpected [Astro et al Ep.6]

Rosetta mission is coming to an end on September 30th, that is why on this episode we discussed the whole mission, from its beginning to the final end, we also talk about the communication aspect of this mission because it was really important, How did the campaign begin? How did they come up with the cartoons? Why was Rosetta twitting in first person? And of course, as always, so much more.

Orion Constellation by Carlos Milovic at

Searching for supermassive stars associations in Orion with Gaia [Astro et al Ep.3]

¿What is a supermassive star?¿How many are there in our galaxy?¿can Do they trace the stellar formation process? Conversation with Eleonora Zari who is working on her Ph.D. in Leiden University trying to use the upcoming Gaia data to solve the problem of supermassive star associations in the Orion constellation to understand the history of star formation in the Milky Way galaxy.