Astrochemistry, spectra, molecules in space and life outside our planet [Astro et al Ep.8]

Chemistry is a really important tool for astronomy and it is often forgotten, how to create a lab spectra? How can we find molecules in space? Are there any organic molecules in the galaxy? Is it really possible to make water like the in the Martian movie? What is the difference between Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics? All of that and more in this episode with Kirstin Doney, from the Leiden University.

The evolution of astronomy in the last 50 years [Astro et al Ep.4]

On this episode, we talked about quasars, long baseline interferometry, radioastronomy, the Hubble Space Telescope, LOFAR telescope in the Netherland, the theory of the Steady State, Challenger disaster, Jan Oort, the Universe Awareness program, and so much more. The guest for today’s episode is Gorge Miley.

Building the world’s largest radio telescope [Astro et al Ep. 1]

What is radio astronomy? How big is going to be the next generation radio telescope? What is SKA? This is the first episode of a weekly podcast about the fascinating world of astronomy. On today’s episode, I have a conversation with Phil Diamond, who is the Director General of the Square Kilometre Array, we talk about the science behind this telescope, from the original idea to where they are today. Are we going to prove Einstein wrong? How are we going to be able to see the early universe? All of that and so much more on this fi